The course promoted from the Arte nel Cuore Academy in the Heart, is a course of professional training in the arts, aimed at people with disabilities and standards-equipped, and it is divided into 6 different fields of study, each with its own curriculum divided between basic and complementary disciplines:

  • Basics:  are all those subjects whose frequency is required to achieve the three-year Diploma Course, from which each student can not leave to participate in throughout the curriculum;
  • Complementary:  are all those supplementary materials, freely chosen by the student, whose inclusion is essential in the path of individual study plan which will occur at the beginning of each academic year. The curriculum will be evaluated by the committee which will approve it only after learning that they have verified the consistency and compatibility with the basic curriculum provided for each course.

Attendance at each lesson is required: the student who exceeds 30% of absences, on the total number of classes scheduled for each academic year, will be considered unable to overcome the same year and forced to repeat it in full, thereby losing right to participate in the spectacle of this year. Regardless of the threshold of 30% for each absence will be deducted from the final vote 0.15 (the score for the final votes are calculated in tenths, 6 represents the sufficiency and 10 is the top).
If the outcome of admission was equal or greater than to the coefficient of admission (25) the student will be declared fit to the frequency of the Academy. In the event that the coefficient of admission appears, however, equal or less than (24) the student will be directed to attend the program for school in the area of interest. The decision of the Board is final and irrevocable. Students who are not also qualified to attend the program are entitled to request an Academy motivational interview with the headmaster and the head of the team that will give them psycho-pedagogical reasons for such exclusion.
At the end of the three-year course each student will receive a certificate of graduation and attendance to the Academy Course, then can apply for participation in the fourth year of specialization, whose curriculum and training will be agreed with the teaching commission, according to the interests demonstrated by the pupil at the end of their studies. The fourth year of specialization is characterized by an interdisciplinary and practical courses and workshops are in themselves proof of the final exam.